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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

14th August

Regent’s Park


Hobby: one was seen to take a Swift at 6.30am (well done Birdman, a lifer on Saturday and now it is a regular).

Swift: 9 birds at 6.29am soon became 8.

Reed Warbler: 2 in the Wetland Pen.

Common Whitethroat: 1 bird in area 31.

Blackcap: 10 present.

Garden Warbler: 2 birds present.

Willow Warbler: 20+ birds present.

Chiffchaff: 15+ present.

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birdman_euston said...

15 Aug:

Muggy (19C) with thickening cloud and brisk (10kph) NE breeze at dawn that kept the songbirds in cover.

Common Sandpiper 1 (seen by Dave flying near rocky island beach NE of Longbridge before 07:00).

Garden Warbler 1 (feeding on bramble berries near E end of Cricket Pen, area 31 at 08:10).

Willow Warbler 2 (with tit flock in area 34 at 07:30).

Chiffchaff 2 (calling in areas 9 and 10 at 06:15).

Little Grebe 12 [1ad & 2yg off E shore of Bandstand Island, area 7; 1ad & 2yg in area 35; 2 ad & 2yg (nearly fully-grown - a result!) in area 2, 1ad & 1 yg E of Heron Island, area 8].

Great Crested Grebe 2 (for the first time, they were not on the nest at NE tip of Heron Island but instead sleeping together nearby - I hope the clutch hasn't failed).

Swift 2.

House Martin 7.