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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

15th August

Regent’s Park

I quieter day today.

Common Sandpiper: one was in the Longbridge Sanctuary area 34 early this morning.

Warbler numbers had dropped a little.

Richmond Park

I would have posted these photos of Common Terns yesterday but I left my camera in my works vehicle.


There were 2 males on Upper Pen Ponds that would if they got to close to each other would enter into some aerial manoeuvres. They would circle gaining height, this was broken up with spells of hovering. One bird would then drop down to a perch, the other would then circle above, before dropping down and chasing the other one a short way before repeating the process again.













A late brood of Mallard ducklings to a risky journey across the open water. By coincidence I saw another brood in Bushy Park today.


Marc Heath said...

Great shots Tony, great flight shots.

birdman_euston said...

16 Aug:

Weather and birdlife much as they've been all week.

1 Common Sandpiper (flew in from main lake to NW arm near bird feeder, area 1 at 06:50).

1 Garden Warbler (with tit flock in area 35 at 07:30).

5+ Reed Warbler (Dave saw five together in Wetland Pen, area 32 in early morning; I had one in reeds beneath viewing platform, area 35 at 07:50).

2+ Common Whitethroat (Dave saw two on top of bramble near Chat Bush, area 34 early doors; I saw one adult in bramble at E end of Cricket Pen, area 31 at 09:30).

3 Willow Warbler (two in area 31, one in Cricket Pen).

4 Chiffchaff (one calling in Cricket Pen at 05:55, one with tit flock in area 35 at 07:45, two calling simultaneously in area 10 at 08:50).

1 Kestrel (adult male calling as it flew from St John's Lodge NW over Cricket Pen at 09:25).

1 Sparrowhawk (flew S over Cricket Pen at 09:28 before diving down toward Queen Mary's Gardens, area 19).

Little Grebe 7 (3ad & 4 yg: one adult feeding a chick near the viewing platform, area 35; the pair that hatched a brood of four a week ago near York Bridge, area 13 have lost one chick but the other three are being well looked after).