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Friday, August 17, 2012

17th August

Regent’s Park

Sparrowhawk: an adult was hunting through the Cricket Pen.

Common Sandpiper: the bird is still present in the Longbridge Sanctuary for its third day.

Common Swift: nine birds were seen today.

Willow Warbler: six birds were present.

Chiffchaff: ten birds were present. If you find the roaming tit flocks you stand a chance of finding something interesting. The only trouble with this is the fact they are constantly on the move.

Common Whitethroat: two birds present.

Reed Warbler: three birds were seen. At this time of year they can be found in areas well away from water.


Common Sandpiper, It is possible to see this bird by looking from Longbridge into area 35, though it is a bit distant or either by standing on the viewing platform or just north east of there looking back towards the bridge.





Marc Heath said...

Nice shots, I just can't near to these at Reculver to get a decent shot of.

birdman_euston said...

Scorching summer day (22C overnight) with light S breeze dying away by 09:00.

Pied Flycatcher 1 [seen by Hugh Prior at 08:00 in Cricket Pen, area 31 with a few Willow Warblers and a Common Whitethroat; seen again at 09:00 in dead elm thicket in the middle of the Pen, when aged as immature (middle tertial with broad, buffy-white feather-edging) and sexed as probable female (no forehead spots; no colour-contrast between inner and outer tail feathers but they were dark sooty-black].

4 Great Crested Grebe (pair with two young - Park's first brood of the year, hatched within the last few days - on parent's back beside nest at NE tip of Heron Island, area 8).
The other parent swam in to the nest with a large perch fry, which one of the piggybacking chicks tried to gobble down - unsuccessfully, so the adult at the nest eventually ate it instead.

Garden Warbler 1 imm (Queen Mary's Gardens, area 19 at 07:15).

Common Whitethroat 1 imm (Cricket Pen at 09:00).

Willow Warbler 5+ (one in QM Gardens at 07:15, another in area 36 at 08:40, 3+ in Cricket pen at 09:00).

Chiffchaff 3 (two in QM Gardens at 07:15, one calling from lakeside willow in area 9 at 08:00).

Swift 3.

House Martin 3.

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Marc.

They are certainly not easy, I just hid by some bushes opposite the island the bird was on hoping it would walk my way. It came reasonably close but was always a little on edge.