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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

21st August

Regent’s Park

Swift: one seen this morning.

Whinchat: one was seen on the fencing protecting the cricket squares between 8.30am and 9.00am. As is the norm it was constantly flushed by dog walkers.

Common Redstart: a male was present in the Cricket Pen frequenting the same trees as the Pied Flycatchers that were seen on Sunday.

Garden Warbler: two singles were seen in area 31 and 39.

Common Whitethroat: three birds, one in area 20, which is an area that can turn up some surprises. Two others were in the Cricket Pen.

Willow Warbler: twelve birds were present.

Chiffchaff: eight birds were seen, but I am sure there were more to be found.


It would have been a better photo if my needs had bent a little further. The Garden Warbler below was also present in the same tree as the redstart.



Bushy Park

Lesser Whitethroat: one was feeding in a bramble bush by the Keepers Cottage.

Common Whitethroat: four birds by Dukes Head Passage.

Willow Warbler: six in the Silver Birch Glade

Chiffchaff: six birds mainly near Dukes Head Passage.




birdman_euston said...

Many thanks for posting for the evocative Redstart photo, Tony. It's so nice to have a constant reminder of my split-second of joy... :)

castlehaven said...

Wednesday AM: 2 Spotted Flycatcher in Cricket Pen 0715-0745; possible sighting of Redstart - fleetying russet tail in and around brambles/birches.
1-2 Spotted Flycathcer in Old Golf School 0745-0800

birdman_euston said...

22 Aug:

Partly cloudy, cooling to a more seasonal temperature (15C at dawn) than recently, noticeably less humid, fresh SSW breeze (15kph) veering more westerly and increasing as morning progressed - in short, a typical late-summer London morning.

Great Black-backed Gull 1 (seen by Dave Johnson soaring high over the Park in early morning).

Spotted Flycatcher 3+ (as described by castlehaven above).

Common Sandpiper 1 (flushed from lakeshore edge of Holme Green, area 9 to SW tip of Heron Island, area 8 at 07:10).

Garden Warbler 1 (Cricket Pen, area 31 at 07:40).

Willow Warbler 20+ [half of them in Cricket Pen, many using the water tray located at base of the nearly-dead elderberry bush (misidentified by me in earlier posts as an elm thicket - sorry!) in the centre of the Pen].

Chiffchaff 6 (three in Cricket Pen, singles in areas 10, 17 and 19).

Swift 3.

House Martin 9.