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Thursday, August 23, 2012

23rd August

Regent’s Park

Northern Wheatear: a male was on the open spaces, area 38.

Spotted Flycatcher: three birds in the tall Lime trees between area 39 and 40.

Reed Warbler: one in the Wetland Pen.

Lesser Whitethroat: was there one or two birds present today. Singles were seen in area 41 early morning and a couple of hours later one was in area 39.

Common Whitethroat: three birds present.

Blackcap: seven birds present.

Garden Warbler: two in the Cricket Pen and one in area 41.

Willow Warbler: twenty three present.

Chiffchaff: eighteen present.


Spotted Flycatcher




Bushy Park

Yellow Wagtail: one flew west at 11.50am.

Meadow Pipit: twenty four in the area of cleared Bracken.

Whinchat: a juvenile perched on top of the Bracken in the SE section of the park.

Lesser Whitethroat: one was also skulking in the Bracken.

Common Whitethroat: seventeen present, mainly by the Dukes Head Passage.

Garden Warbler: one also near Dukes Head Passage in Elder Bushes.

Reed Warbler: three in the above area.

Willow Warbler: four near Hawthorn Cottage.

Chiffchaff: six birds present.



Garden Warbler




Meadow Pipit


I am off for a weeks holiday to Pembrokeshire. If you have any bird news please leave me a short note.


birdman_euston said...

While Tony's away, for brevity I'll post only highlights of what I see in the Park here on his blog; however, daily site totals of interesting species can be found here: London Bird Club Wiki - Latest News

birdman_euston said...

24 Aug:

Spotted Flycatcher 3+ (Old Golf Course wildlife pen, area 39 at 07:30).

Garden Warbler 1 (bathing in newly-replenished Leaf Yard Wood water-hole near bird feeder, area 41 at 08:40).

birdman_euston said...
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birdman_euston said...

25 Aug:

Morning showers on S breeze becoming thundery after midday - the first heavy rain in three weeks at least; the leaves of horse-chestnut, silver birch and hazel are already starting to turn and wither. Rosebay Willowherb blooming in Old Golf School wildlife pen, area 39.

Lesser Whitethroat 1 imm (Leaf Yard Wood, area 41 at 12:05).

Spotted Flycatcher 2+ (Old Golf School, area 39 at 08:30).

Garden Warbler 2 (one imm in Old Golf School wildlife pen at 08:00; one ad in area 34 at 11:40).

Common Sandpiper 1 imm (aged by Dave; 11th day in Longbridge Sanctuary near viewing platform, area 35 at 11:00; it was also seen yesterday by Rose).

(This summer's Common Terns, adult and juvenile, appear to have vacated the Boating Lake on 14 August, the day before the Common Sandpiper arrived.)

birdman_euston said...

26 Aug:

After yesterday's thundery breakdown, today felt much fresher with WNW breeze. There was a marked exodus of Willow Warblers overnight, with Chiffchaffs predominating today for the first time this season.

Osprey 1 (spotted by Dave flying NW in direction of Brent Reservoir at 11:35).

Northern Wheatear 1 (found by castlehaven on cricket pitches, area 37 by the Hub 07:45-08:30).

Spotted Flycatcher 5 (in over-mature lime trees by Old Golf School, area 39/40).

Yellow Wagtail 1 (over SSW 10:25).

Pied Wagtail 1 juv (seen by Rose at S end of Open Spaces, area 37 in a.m.).

Common Sandpiper 2 (resting together opposite area-35 lookout 11:30 but chased away by coot).

Garden Warbler 1 imm (Leaf Yard Wood, area 41 at 12:40).

Chiffchaff 22.

Willow Warbler 6.

Swift 4+.

birdman_euston said...

28 Aug:

Swallow 2 (over treetops SE towards Boating Lake and out 07:15; Park's first of the autumn passage).

Swift 1.

Spotted Flycatcher 2+ (N end of old Holford House field, area 40).

Garden Warbler 2 (one imm at W side of Holford House field at 08:10; one ad visiting Cricket Pen bird bath at base of dying elder in centre of Pen, area 31 at 09:00).

Willow Warbler 2 (areas 31 and 41).

Chiffchaff 3+ (areas 10, 17 and 19 - the latter still singing, the rest calling loudly; so few Phylloscopus warblers around this morning, I could census the remaining summer-resident chiffchaffs - there's still one in The Holme garden, and one or two more in Queen Mary's Gardens).

Gadwall 1m (Boating Lake, area 39).

birdman_euston said...

30 Aug:

1 (prob m) Pied Flycatcher (lower story), 1 1st-w m Common Redstart (middle story), 5 Spotted Flycatcher [(upper story) - all enjoying the brief morning sunshine in tall, over-mature lime tree at SW corner of Old Golf School wildlife pen, area 39 at 07:30; unfortunately, the noisy local K9 Corps and a heavy squall had scattered them within an hour.

Kingfisher 1 (flying straight as an arrow low over the water, from near Longbridge the length of the right-hand channel of NE arm of Boating Lake toward Deadman's Corner, area 34 at 08:45).
As this was a lifer for me, I tried to gain a better impression than the fast-disappearing electric-blue backside I first saw but a search of all the likely perches in the Longbridge Sanctuary proved fruitless.

Shoveler 5 (all in eclipse plumage, feeding in shallows just off SE side of Heron Island, area 8; they are visible only from the lakeshore at Holme Green, area 9).

Reed Warbler 1 (reed bed in Deadman's Corner, area 34 at 07:10).