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Thursday, September 13, 2012

13th September

I apologise for the lack of action on the blog this week. No don’t worry I am not ill, it is just that there hasn’t been an awful lot happening.

I’d like to thank Birdman-euston for keeping up with his daily visits to the park and for turning up a few more goodies.

Let us hope that the winds swings around and we get some visible migration. I see that Mr Lindo and his troops saw some Buzzards from Tower 42 today, as yet none have been picked up here, that is not normal.

This weeks highlights;

Nuthatch: one on the 10th.

Common Redstart: female 11th.

Spotted Flycatcher: one 11th.

Common Chiffchaff: twenty-seven present.

Common Redstart: male 12th in area 40 and another or the same bird in area 31.

Spotted Flycatcher: two in area 39.

House Martin: sixteen over the lake this morning.

Bushy Park

Again seems haven’t changed much, though there is a hint that birds are now clearing out.

Hobby: the family are still present, though at times they are hard to find.

Kestrel: three birds were over the Brewhouse Fields.

Barn Swallow: ten flew south, towards the Hobby family and got through safely.

House Martin: fourteen over the Diana Fountain.

Meadow Pipit: two small flocks flew west.

Northern Wheatear (Greenland race): one was in a paddock close to White Lodge at dawn.

Willow Warbler: two birds were singing quietly from within the Woodland Gardens.

Chiffchaff: eight birds were present through the Woodland Gardens.

Blackcap: six present by Dukes Head Passage.



These birds will soon be on their way, so it was great that the showed well in good light.









Is it really worth the effort, leave them for the birds and by your own. This is Bushy but people picking berries in Regent’s do so much damage to the plants, that were planted for the birds and not for your crumbles, pies and jams. So only pick what you can fit in your hand and do not fill your tupper ware containers. As a matter of fact it is an offence to pick or remove anything from the parks.

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birdman_euston said...

14 Sep:

First SW autumn gale this morning but still warm (15C at dawn) with no significant rainfall.

Common Whitethroat 2 (one in wildlife pen, area 39 and one taking a lunchtime bath in the fountain next to wildlife garden, area 22).

Blackcap 6 (most in area 39).

Chiffchaff 21.

House Martin 9.

Shoveler 2.

(No Willow Warblers or Spotted Flycatchers seen today but strong winds and heavy overcast this morning made birding a challenge.)