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Saturday, September 01, 2012

1st September

Regent’s Park

Common Snipe: one was flushed from the middle of Cumberland Green, area 24 by Birdman-Euston early this morning. I thought that conditions were favourable for some kind of wader, but was hoping for something a little rarer.

House Martin: sixteen birds were feeding over the NW section of the park.

Grey Wagtail: one over.

Spotted Flycatcher: three birds at least were still in the tall Lime trees between area 39 and 40. Another was in area 47 on Primrose Hill.

Lesser Whitethroat: one was up on Primrose Hill by the reservoir, area 48.

Common Whitethroat: four birds present.

Garden Warbler: one in area 41, feeding in the brambles.

Blackcap: eighteen birds scattered throughout the park.

Willow Warbler: sixteen present.

Chiffchaff: twelve present.


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