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Sunday, September 30, 2012

30th September

Regent’s Park

Not quite the weather I was expecting as I bumped into Dave by the Secret Gardens. They had, that is the weather forecasters a bright sunny start. The sun disappeared at 7.35am and didn’t re-appear until around 8.30am by which time we were fairly well chilled. The cold start had clearly had an effect on when birds were going to start to move, we were only seeing small groups of diurnal migrants.

Peregrine Falcon: an immature female looked to be on the lookout for an easy meal when seen circling above Queen Mary’s Gardens before drifting off to the south-west at 9.18am.

Hobby: a juvenile appeared, from our vantage point by the Hub to be on the lookout for food at 8.20am as it patrolling along the canal, where it passes through the zoo.

Barn Swallow: at least 580 headed south-west in small groups before 9.40am.

House Martin: sixty-four flew north-west in small groups before 9.40am.

Meadow Pipit: Dave and I saw at least ninety head in a mainly southerly direction.

Pied Wagtail: five singletons flew over.

Grey Wagtail: one flew west.

Eurasian Siskin: six birds passed through with one lingering in area 31.


Forget the owl , the Hobby can just about be seen flying over London Zoo.




Two species of pochards seen over the park today.








Marc Heath said...

Great set Tony, like the diving Coots in action.

Tony Duckett said...

Cheers Marc. As I have recently said Coots are not one of my favourites but they look reasonable on that piece of water with the sun out.