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Sunday, November 18, 2012

18th November

A crisp sunny day that was a little bit frustrating. I was in the park at 7.50am, my aim to see the Firecrest(s). I checked area 31,32, all of Queen Mary’s Gardens and areas 10 & 11. I encountered several small parties of mainly Long-tailed Tits but not many crests and certainly no Firecrests, well not at that time. It wasn’t until I had gone home at 10.00am and asked Sally (my wife) if she would like a walk around the park. We walked along the Broadwalk, which was very busy due to a 10km run. As we approached the back of the nursery area 23, the unmistakeable sound of a Firecrest could be heard. I quickly located a male and a female was almost alongside him. Great views were had but I this was just a leisurely stroll and I had no bins or camera. Never mind the views though not captured on a memory card will be remembered for a long time. I hadn’t been home long when I text from Castlehaven said that he had seen a Firecrest in the Cricket Pen at 11.20am. This wasn’t that far from my sighting, but only one was seen. We still don’t know if there are 2 or 3 birds present. Apart from the crests it was very quiet.


The shadow on the crest below gives it a slight look of a Firecrest







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