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Monday, November 19, 2012

19th November

Regent’s Park

Woodcock: one flew low out of area 34 at 10.30am and dropped into the Cricket Pen area 31. It is possibly the bird seen twice in the last week and could possibly be seen at dusk feeding on the wet ground behind St Johns Lodge.

Firecrest: one was seen in area 1 at 3.15pm.

Bushy Park

European Wigeon: the drake is still present on the pools in the Brew House Fields.

Common Teal: five birds were on the scrape, it is now possible to view part of this from a recently cut viewing point mid-way between the Iron Bridge and the gate entrance from Dukes Head Passage into the park.

Common Snipe: one was on the scrape until at least 12.20am.

Water Rail: one was seen on the scrape.

Kingfisher: one flew along the river at 12.10pm and briefly landed.

Meadow Pipit: two small flocks were feeding north of Upper Lodge Road.

Fieldfare: two singles flew west.

Redwing: twenty-four flew west.

Siskin: four were with Goldfinches by the Longford River north of Dukes Head Passage.






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Ian said...

Hi Tony, I am hoping that you may be able to help as you have a lot of experience in spotting birds in Bushy Park (where I regularly go spotting). Yesterday evening I was walking through the park and just south of the Leg of Mutton pond on the edges of the bracken I watched around 15+ birds flying up around and when landing virtually dissappearing from view, never above the ground (like a recently spotted Stonechat).I would walk to the spot I thought they were and they would fly up almost below my feet ( I was keeping to the paths of course) Your previous sightings lead me to think Meadow Pipet although some had white along the tails (Skylark?). Would you have any idea what these flocks are?. Many thanks ..Ian (Love the blog btw)