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Friday, November 23, 2012

23rd November

I am sorry for the lack of news this week but it is not entirely my fault. This weather isn’t the most conducive for bringing birds to the parks. On the days that looked promising I ended up attending meetings. So what is your reason for not contributing any news?

There is some good news from Regent’s though.

Firecrest: there are still several birds in the park, though the exact number isn’t known. Birds have been seen again in area 1 and 31. In the past when birds look to be thinking of wintering they keep to a territory.

Bushy Park

Lapwing: 2 flew over the Royal Paddocks 21/11.


Common Teal: a pair on the scrape.

Northern Shoveler: 3 pairs on Heron Pond.

Gadwall: 4 pairs also on Heron Pond.

Woodcock: I flushed one from scrub by the Longford River north of Dukes Head Passage.

Kingfisher: one flew over Heron Pond.

Meadow Pipit: one was over the Brew House Field.

Redwing: 18 flew over Heron Pond.


Teal on the scrape


I had this in my sights today but on pulling the trigger it kept on flying, never mind it is almost a good flight shot.



Nuthatch on my parakeet proof feeder



birdman_euston said...

23 Nov:

Nice to see that firecrests are still being spotted.

Nothing out of the ordinary seen by me today - 2 Chiffchaffs together on the island nearest Longbridge in area 35; a flock of 10-12 Gadwalls (none noted as pinioned) in the Hanover Bridge sanctuary, area 1; 1 Redwing feeding in a yew tree next to the Avenue Gardens shelter, area 20.

(I've had to expend my energy the past two weeks on fighting a persistent virus rather than chasing elusive firecrests (and bullfinches!) but I've finally got my walking legs back. While I've been away the hedgerow hawthorns have dropped their leaves, making the tit flocks much easier to spot from a distance.)

linda ashken said...

Good to see you back Tony.i look forward to trying to hone my I'd skills with your photos. On a very practical point where did you get your green parakeet cages? Mine excludes the greater spotted woodpeckers which is not what I want!
Thanks. Linda Ashken

Tony Duckett said...

Birdman I am sorry to here that you have been unwell. My wife and I had to put up with a week of feeling unwell after returning from a supposed healthy week away in Cornwall. These crests have given me the run around also. At least you have had a couple of decent views.

Tony Duckett said...

That is a pleasing to know Linda or is that my photos are not that great and it takes some book work to ID them. I am only joking, they are not all badly taken, distant shots.
I have made my own parakeet free feeders. I know the CJ Wildbird Food seed feeders exclude parakeets but their caged peanut feeders exclude woodpeckers as well. I have made my own, using 4cm square weld mesh. This allows the tits to squeeze through and the woodpeckers to hang on the outside and reach through. I have been meaning to contact CJ's to see if they can make them. I can email you a picture if you like.

birdman_euston said...

24 Nov:

Waxwing feeding in ornamental apple tree in front of yews next to shelter in Avenue Gardens, area 20 with 3+ Redwing for 20 min from 10:50 till the rain got heavy.

(If you commute via the Broad Walk you should definitely keep an eye on this group of trees for the next few days, at least - every self-respecting fructivore (fruit-eating bird) in the Park must be visiting them right now!)

linda ashken said...

Hi Tony. You know it is my lack of skill , not your photographic ability.
As far as parakeet free peanut feeders are concerned I was hoping they were purchasable. Not sure metalwork is my department so don't worry. I have temporarily solved the problem by putting up 2 lots of peanuts so at least the small birds have their own supply rather than waiting for the parakeets to go.
Hope you,your wife and birdman are all on the mend.
Linda Ashken

Tony Duckett said...

If you can site the feeder in the middle of a bush it should then deter the parakeets.