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Saturday, November 24, 2012

24th November

Regent’s Park

Waxwing: a first winter bird was found by birdman-euston at 10.50am. After receiving his text I was on site by the Shelter in the Avenue Gardens, area 20 by 11.05am. As it was raining I wasn’t sure whether to take my camera. I then made the wrong decision and left it in the car. Walking into the gardens I saw Gary standing looking towards the trees to the right of the shelter. He pointed out the bird, sitting at the back of an ornamental fruit tree. I rushed back to the car collected my camera and was back at the bird within minutes. It had moved even further back, but started moving up towards the top of the tree. The light was awful and I was trying to work out where to stand when it took off. After a bit of searching I picked it up on the other side of Chester Road feeding with a group of Blackbirds and Redwings. It was to far off for a photo and obscured by lots of branches. They then flew back towards me and I thought into a nearby Yew. It did utter its unmistakeable contact call but that was the last time the bird was seen, well that is up until now 12.30pm.

Fieldfare: eight flew over my garden this morning.

Redwing: six in area 20.

Blackbird: at least eighteen in and around area 20. 



You can tell that these photos were not taken in London today, I wish they had been. The flight view was similar to the last view I had of the bird.


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