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Sunday, November 25, 2012

25th November

Pintail: a pair by area 8.

Mandarin Duck: 48 on area 8.

Shoveler: 34 on area 8.

Gadwall: 24 flew from area 33 on to the main lake.

Goldcrest: 6 feeding in shrubs by the fence to The Holme, area 10.

Firecrest: male feeding in area 10, was chased off by Goldcrests but returned when they had moved on.


Pintails by Heron Island, area 8.











Lee Dingain said...

Lovely Firecrest pics. Been looking hard for one at my pact this autumn but nothing yet!

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Lee, I have seen a couple in the park , this one being the most obliging. I hope to find one in either Richmond or Bushy Park as there are I am sure quite a few around this year. I hope that you get lucky as well.

birdman_euston said...

Great pics of the Firecrest, Tony. Comparing pics 1 and 5, it's amazing how the same bird can look so different depending on 1) its mood - 'fire'crest is an apt name - and 2) the light conditions. The male I saw on a rainy day in October had obvious grey streaks below like in pic 1, but in direct sunlight the lines disappear and it looks pure white!

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Birdman.

I have just read your statement on the London wiki. If you have any questions it is best to ask me either on this site or using my email address that can be found on the yahoo Londonbirders. I think that the connection with Long-tailed tits isn't that valid, they do follow sometimes, though I think that they tend to keep to themselves. I wouldn't be surprised if there were more than 3 birds present.

birdman_euston said...

Hi Tony

Thanks for the corrections/updates, which I've duly added, attributed to you, to my Wiki summary via the trusty 'Edit' button. (Wish Blogger had one!) To explain, I saw the question to you on the Wiki just minutes after it was asked this morning, so I judged it was best to just grasp the nettle and jump in with detailed directions in case you weren't around and anyone reading was minded to hunt Firecrests in the Park on a sunny Sunday afternoon.