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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

28th November

Regent’s Park

Firecrest: one was in the Scots Pine just north of the Public Toilets in area 1 this morning.

Siskin: ten were feeding in the Cricket Pen, area 31.

Lesser Redpoll: two flew over area 31.

Redwing: eight flew over.

Woodcock: one circled the Cricket Pen at 7.50am. Is it a new bird or the one that has been seen on three previous occasions.


birdman_euston said...

28 Nov:

1 Woodcock circling Cricket Pen, area 31 at 07:50 (another full-moon migrant, presumably), 1 Meadow Pipit S 08:00.

birdman_euston said...

To elaborate, the Woodcock flew in from the direction of St John's Lodge (having been flushed from Queen Mary's Gardens. perhaps). It then circled left over the Cricket Pen and was last seen over area 34 heading toward Longbridge. It could well have circled left yet again and dropped down into the Wetland or Goose Pens (areas 32/33) moments later but that's pure conjecture on my part.

Tony Duckett said...

Nobody will know for sure, I just have a feeling in my bones that it is possibly the same bird.

birdman_euston said...

I'm really intrigued, Tony, by the '64K question': How many Firecrests are currently in the Park? For instance, could the territory of today's bird in area 1 extend as far as the gardens of the Inner Circle, where both male and female birds have been seen? (I looked on the internet but couldn't find any research on the average size of a Firecrest's winter territory.)

castlehaven said...

Call me risk averse, but I dont think I'm going to hang around the Gent's bogs with binos and a camera in the hope of catching a Firecrest!

Tony Duckett said...

Birdman, it is highly unlikely that the bird or birds in area 1's territory extends to the Inner Circle. It is also unlikely that the birds from the Cricket Pen have a territory that extends to area that I saw mine at the weekend. The earlier birds that you saw may have just arrived and hadn't set up home and have moved on. New Lodge on the Inner Circle is a superb place for a Firecrest to set up home. Hoewever if my memory serves me well, we have never recorded one there. Area 40 has been a more regular location and so far has failed to deliver.

birdman_euston said...

29 Nov:

I withstood an arctic northerly on top of Primrose Hill for 90 minutes this morning - glad I dressed for winter!

Primrose Hill - 11 Redwing N 08:05 but nothing southbound;
Regent's Park - 23 Redwing low E from The Holme into Queen Mary's Gardens, area 19 at 10:15, 1 Peregrine high E along S boundary 11:40, 1 Siskin near feeder in Cricket Pen, area 31 at 12:30, 12 Gadwall, 34 Shoveler.

Tony Duckett said...

castelehaven, it is unliekly that you would be arrested for cottaging if you were to look north from the scots pines to where that pen meets the American Ambassadors fence.

birdman_euston said...

On the burning need for a Firecrest census, why don't we pool our local birding resources and simultaneously blitz the Park's suitable habitat of a weekend mid-morning? (You could check behind the Park's locked gates, Tony; as I haven't a camera, I volunteer to surreptitiously examine the evergreens behind the loos, castlehaven!) :-)