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Friday, December 14, 2012

14th December

Regent’s Park

Black-headed Gull: 580 which is normally the total number of birds counted in late winter were on the ice today.

Water Rail: at last! one is back in the rail ditch in area 2. Dave had thought he might have glimpsed one the other week. If it is a not a returning bird lets hope it finds the feeding station soon and then remains for the winter. With this years reed bed extension coming on nicely it should feel more confident.


This photo was taken in 2011


Extending the reed bed earlier this year


It was planted in late April and this is how it looked in June


And this was it in November


The Water Rail will hopefully feed in this area, they are shy and retreat back into the reeds if there is a sudden movement.


Richard said...

Love the water rail. Great work.

glen said...

Nice to have the rail back.

Tony Duckett said...

Thanks Richard, encouraging wildlife into the park was what my job in the was all about.