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Thursday, January 17, 2013

17th January

Bushy Park

Little Owl: one showed well for a few seconds until parakeets turned up.

Redwing: 35 were perched by White Lodge at 8.10am.

Siskin: a flock of 18 flew west, possibly not part of the Bushy Flock.



Hyde Park

The Bearded Tits are still present and performing well for tourists, office workers and birders too.


As you can see the lake is now beginning to freeze over. If the birds struggle to find water it could be the prompt that forces them off, if not that then a heavy fall of snow will damage the reed bed.






birdman_euston said...

19 Jan:
1♀ Blackcap (just evading a ♂ Sparrowhawk at Nature Study Centre feeder, area 1), 37 Fieldfare (including flock of 22 over SE at 11:30), 1 Redwing, 1 Water Rail.

The latter is a lifer for me. It was standing silhouetted against the snow at the water's edge in the area-2 reedbed extension (between the 1st and 2nd new fenceposts S of the old ones), making periodic forays into nearby reeds to pick up aquatic invertebrates.

Tony Duckett said...

It is always great to get a lifer especially on your local patch.