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Saturday, January 19, 2013

19th January


Yesterdays snow had thawed slightly overnight and with temperatures just above freezing has continued.

Little Grebe: one was present on the main lake.

Shoveler: 31 were feeding in a tight ball on the lake.

Common Teal: 4 (3 drakes and a duck) were roosting on the ice by area 8.

Gadwall: 19 were present.

Mandarin Duck: 66 were present by on the main lake and in area 35.

Red Crested Pochard: 74 were present.

Common Shelduck: a pair flew over the lake.

Water Rail: showing this afternoon in area 2.

Lapwing: 3 were seen flying south at 11.30am.

Fieldfare: 40 were seen in several groups, the largest a flock of 22 at 11.30am.

Blackcap: a female had a close encounter with a Sparrowhawk near the feeding station (by the bridge) in area 1.



morg and rose said...

Hi Tony,
The Water Rail was showing well at 1.30p.m. feeding in the recently created reedbed opposite the boathouse. 3 Fieldfare seen from York Bridge flying towards Baker St seemingly exiting the park at 2.35p.m. could well have been those you saw.

Tony Duckett said...

That was roughly the direction my birds were going in. I dipped the rail but didn't give it much time. Maybe tomorrow?

Eland said...

Had a great walk in bushy park today in the snowy conditions.
Highlights included a large number of meadow pipits, they seemed to be feeding around the ant hills, digging in the snow. One group of at least 20, plus other scattered groups later on comprising fewer individuals.
I came across two people who had been watching a Water Rail in a stream in the woodland gardens, unfortunately I was a minute or so late to see it and it did not reappear.
One treecreeper in the woodland gardens plus several long-tailed tit flocks.
There were several (mostly songthrush) thrushes in the trees near to the roaring arch, with possibly one fieldfare.
The real highlight was on the way back past the waterhouse pond when we saw a RED KITE flying North(ish). We speculated whether the weather had forced it to move in to look for feeding opportunities. This is only the 2nd time I have seen one in the area.

Tony Duckett said...

Are you sure that they were not Misltle Thrushes or Redwings. If there were more than 2 it is more than likely that they were not Song Thrushes. Red Kite is a goody, I saw 3 in 2012. It is a bird that should be seen on a more regular basis now that they are gradually moving towards London.

Eland said...

Could be. I wasn't aware of that tip regarding group size, so that should help in future Id, thanks! There was a number of individuals, had about 3-4 in several trees, may well have been mistle thrush (definitely not redwing), one of them was very puffed up in the snow with a round front. The snow was falling heavily at that point and so I didn't linger too long!

birdman_euston said...

21 Jan:
2 (pr) Shelduck, 5 (3♂ 2♀) Wigeon (on ice-edge between The Holme and Heron Island, area 8), 8 Gadwall, 11 Shoveler, 2 Little Grebe (the new arrival is moulting into spring plumage), 1 Great Crested Grebe, 1♀ Blackcap (Hanover Bridge feeder, area 1 again), 5 Fieldfare (one in Old Golf School wildlife garden, area 39).

Fresh snow-tracks of small rabbit - unusual here, I know - near bottom of area-4 hill, next to Winfield House fencerow; two foxes scurrying along E fencerow of St John's Lodge garden at noon - wish they had a preference for white meat (rabbit) rather than dark meat (waterfowl)!