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Monday, January 21, 2013

21st January


View from my office today


The Longford River from the Iron Bridge(above) and the Scrape from a few yards further along Dukes Head Passage (below)


The Longford River (below)


Bushy Park

Fieldfare: 6 feeding on Mistletoe berries between White Lodge and Roaring Arch.

Redwing: 15 also in the same area.

Siskin: 12 flew into the Woodland Gardens.

Regent’s Park

Common Shelduck: 2 pairs.

European Wigeon: 5 (3m) birds on the ice in area 8.

Skylark: one flew south-west.

Fieldfare: 18 were present 13 area 27, 5 area 39.

Redwing: 14 in area 27.

Blackcap: one by Hanover Bridge.

Hyde Park

I had to collect something from The Old Police House this afternoon, this gave me the chance to visit the Reedlings again. While there a few other birds caught my eye;

Peregrine Falcon: a high flying male caused the everything to panic including the Bearded Tits, who sat motionless in the middle of the reeds.

Sparrowhawk: no sooner had the Peregrine moved off out came a female. This meant the tits stayed hidden even longer.

Skylark: two singles flew south-west.

Fieldfare: 22 flew south-west.

As the sun was out I couldn’t resist a few more pictures.








The wrong type of grey geese

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