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Thursday, January 24, 2013

24th January

Regent’s Park


Fieldfare: 300+ flew south during the morning.

Reed Bunting: a male was by the Gorse in area 36.


Northern Shoveler: 68 on the lake.

Common Teal: a drake also on the lake.

Common Gull: 21 on the main lake is a reasonable number for the park. They should build up slightly before they depart towards the end of March early April. The Round Pond has far more, the I am unsure why. it could be the algae that flourishes there.

Blackcap: one in Ivy by bird feeding station by Hanover Bridge.

Chiffchaff: one in the same area as the above.

Bushy Park


Northern Lapwing: 7 birds were in the paddocks, a pair and a group of 5.

Fieldfare: 98 were in the Paddock area, some viewed from Dukes Head Passage.

Redwing: 56 with the above, mainly with the above though a flock of 20+ were near Lime Avenue.






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birdman_euston said...

24 Jan:
1♂ Shelduck, 4 (2♂ 2♀) Wigeon [off Longbridge Sanctuary viewing-platform, area 35 with seven (5♂ 2♀) pinioned birds], 29 Gadwall, 186 Fieldfare (Park & Hill playing fields), 21 Redwing (11 on Primrose Hill, the rest scattered throughout patch), 3 Siskin (area-35 alders).