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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

8th January

Regent’s Park

Common Shelduck: a fully-lighted drake turned up yesterday and was present again today. It is probably one of last years drakes, 2 drakes and a duck have summered in recent years.

Water Rail: the bird showed well in the ditch this morning.

Firecrest: a pair was seen in the Privet hedge by the Open Air Theatres ticket office at 8.20am. I thought that it was unlikely that they had moved on.

Bushy Park

I had some work to do near the Canal Plantation this morning, that meant a nice walk and the chance to see what was on offer on the way.

Little Grebe: one was on the lake in the Canal Plantation.

Mute Swan: 27 were present.

Common Teal: a pair were on the Scrape, viewable from near the Iron Bridge.

Shoveler: 5 drakes and 2 ducks were on Heron Pond.

Red Crested Pochard x Tufted Duck: the drake was on Heron Pond.

Mandarin Duck: four flew along the river.

Grey Wagtail: one was by the Scrape.

Siskin: 55 flew from the Canal Plantation.

Reed Bunting: one was calling from reeds beyond the Scrape.



There was no sign of the Great Crested Grebe that was present on the 3rd.




Hybird Aytha




Helen Speak said...

Hi Tony, did you find that duck picture? I'm curious as to whether it was what I saw! :)

Tony Duckett said...

I did find the picture but it did not match up with the bird you saw

Morg and Rose said...

9th Jan: Water Rail showed well in the Rail ditch at 2.45 & again at 3.50pm. Also 1 male Siskin with Finch flock who were collectively bathing at 3.20pm in the Cricket Pen.