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Sunday, February 17, 2013

17th February

Regent’s Park

I had hoped to be out in the park at 7.30am on a beautiful crisp sunny morning. Wrong the forecasters had got it wrong yet again. If the sun had risen at 6.30am I might have been in luck. When I had ventured out to collect the papers the skies above my lodge were clear, but south towards the Thames was an ominous bank of cloud. I hoped it as heading away from me, no such luck even though the weather vein on the zoo was pointing towards the south-west the cloud (low mist) was coming from the south. It soon obscured any glimpse of the sun, that eventually showed itself again at around 9.00am.

I was in the park by then, with camera in hand hoping the weather would be bright enough to use my x2 converter to good effect. I was heading for the area 9 via the rail ditch. Area 9 is a good place to stand during the early part of the day as the sun if shining is behind or to the left of you. You are then looking at a large piece of sky from the SW to the NE. A good direction to see any early moving Kites or Buzzards.

In general the birds seen are the species that you would expect to see at the moment.


Great crested Grebe: a pair were looking for a potential nest site by area 7.

Little Grebe: 2 birds were trilling.

Grey Heron: at least 18 birds holding nesting territories and possibly 6 others at locations they may want to try and build a nest. These however in my opinion look unsuitable, we will see who is the best judge.

Water Rail: one in area 2.

Great Black-backed Gull: a female on one of the pst in the lake.

Great Spotted Woodpecker; several males were chasing each other in areas 8 & 9, 30 & 31, 25 & 26.

Firecrest: a female loosely associating with a small party of Long-tailed Tits in the grounds of The Holme between 9.20am and 10.30am. She was just to quick for me to focus on.


















Marc Heath said...

Nice set Tony. I wouldn't mind an Egyptian Goose at Reculver.

birdman_euston said...

BREAKING NEWS posted on London Bird Club Wiki at 23:38 Sun 17 Feb:
"12:14 Pair of female Bearded Tit - one ringed on right leg - in reeds right of Boathouse (chris caldwell, musicontheedge."

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Marc. You are welcome to come up here and take them all back to Kent. They look alright on the wing but are noisy aggressive and should never have been allowed to establish a breeding population in the UK.

birdman_euston said...

18 Feb:
2♀ Bearded Tit showing down to 3m (to an unsuspecting Park visitor) 07:30-08:15 at extreme S (right-hand) end of Boathouse reedbed (area 5), 1min from Hanover Gate; complete census by Boris bike 5-7am revealed 24 Song Thrush, 4-5 Mistle Thrush singing on patch; 900+ Black-headed Gull feeding on Park playing fields 07:10