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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

19th February

Regent’s Park


Unfortunately for the park and those that turned up to see the Bearded Tits today, they chose to make the most of the beautiful calm sunny day and depart. They were present in the same patch of reeds to start with but gradually became more flighty, moving between the reed beds at the north western end of the lake. They even headed off towards the reed beds in the Longbridge Sanctuary. The last sightings may have been around 9.00am?

Other news

Common Shelduck: 2 males were flying around this afternoon.

Water Rail: the regular bird was seen flying between area 1 & 2.

Siskin: four were feeding in trees by the Reddy Money Fountain, area 28.


Bushy Park

Apart from love being in the air bird life was much the same as it has been recently.


While this billing and nuzzling was going on who should land in the next tree.





She eventually flew to the top of one of the pollarded Willows by the Upper Lodge Road and drummed for several minutes.


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