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Monday, February 25, 2013

25th February


While undertaking some work on the Longford River near the Lady Elleanor Holles School I watched a flock of around 85 birds circling above the school for 4 minutes at 11.00am (not the birds in the photo). They may have been on the lookout for some tasty berries. I couldn’t see anything else to keep them circling for so long.

Regent’s Park:

Water Rail: the bird was in the feeding station at 9.20am.

Little Owl: one was calling from area 25 at 6.20am.

Waxwing: 18 were also seen over Queen Mary’s Gardens area 18 at 1.40pm.

Having been off work for a couple of days I had very little time to look for any birds today.

Teal: six were on the scrape viewable from Dukes Head Passage.

Fieldfare: 6 flew west.

Siskin: 8 flew west.

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birdman_euston said...

25 Feb:
1 Water Rail at area-2 feeder 09:20, 1 Little Owl calling Cumberland Green a.25 06:20 (clear, repeated, slurred "kew" with introductory "kuk" note), 20 Waxwing low W then N over Queen Mary's Gardens a.18 13:40, 9 Redwing feeding on Hill playing field a.49 11:30, 15 Mistle Thrush (seven with Redwings).