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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

5th February

Bushy Park

Pretty much the same cast as yesterday, with the female Lesser Spotted Woodpecker present again in the Canal Plantation.

Any swan venturing away from the Diana Fountain had to contend with not one but two very hostile swans. These two chased off any bird that landed on any of the other 3 ponds.


The bully flies in






There was at least 60n birds feeding along Chestnut Avenue


A Tree Creeper also showed well along the avenue as it moved from tree to tree.





This Tawny Owl was in his regular daytime roost, I say regular this is the first time I have known exactly where this was.


Bill said...

Tony, is this the same Tawny roost tree as that by Heron Pond a few year back, or a different one? Everyone had nice views of the LSW today, well done on finding it yesterday.



Tony Duckett said...

Hi Bill, I had a brief look for the Lesser this morning but didn't see it I had a meeting to attend to discuss the local Peregrines. The Tawny is in an oak along the channel that leads towards Upper Lodge Road from the Boating Pond. I know you had mentioned a tree in that area that they had favoured. It did seem a bit nervy and was okay as I viewed it from a vehicle but disappeared when someone walked to near.

Ian said...

Tony, I was lucky enough to see a Tawny Owl last friday night in Chestnut Parade. It was calling and my wife spotted it high up in one of the trees.We stopped for a few minutes and it eventually flew off to the west. Lovely pictures as usual. Regards, Ian