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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

6th February

Bushy Park

Time was limited today and as the light was reasonable first thing I thought I would check some Oaks in the Canal Plantation to see if there were any missed Oak Processionary Moth nests. I didn’t  locate any, which is good news but there are still lots more trees to check. Back to the birds.

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker: on my way to the Canal Plantation the male was drumming in the Round Plantation. I couldn’t locate it as it may have been flushed by a mob of Jackdaws that suddenly became very excited. My luck was in a later on when photographing Siskins the pair had of peckers had sneaked in without me noticing. I was not quite in the right position and while trying to get into a better position flushed a Green Woodpecker, who’s call caused the Lesser Spots to move higher into the canopy. I followed the male who eventually flew towards the Rugby Club, which is ware I left him.

Fieldfare: 12 were feeding and bathing by the Canal Plantation.

Redwing: 145 were split between the Canal Plantation and Chestnut Avenue.

Siskin: over were also feeding in the Alders in the Canal Plantation with some coming down to bathe.







1 comment:

glen said...

That is one fine Dipper!!! One of my top ten birds the Dipper.
Great news on the lesser woody too!