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Monday, March 11, 2013

11th March

I have just returned from two and half days in Norfolk. Birding wise it was a complete washout, heavy rain on Saturday, sleet on Sunday and blustery blizzards conditions this morning. It meant that when I did venture out, several of the roads I travelled along suddenly became impassable. This was frustrating as it meant back tracking for several miles. The only birds of note that I saw were a heard of 70 Bewick’s Swans and a few Marsh Harriers. I was thinking that Barn Owls must be finding it really tough. I then encountered this bird hunting between the snow showers this morning.


Watching this bird hunt along a ditch beside the road I could see how so many become road casualties. On several occasions a strong gust of wind would take him on to the edge of the road.






Lapwings were struggling to find food in frozen fields by the coast. The temperature was just below freezing but the wind chill froze spray from the nearby sea.


Marc Heath said...

Cracking Barn Owl shots, one of those birds we can't get enough of seeing.

Tony Duckett said...

You are so right, I don't think that II could wait in a ditch for a great shot like your recent postings. Well maybe I could if I had them on my doorstep.