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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

12th March

Regent’s Park

Little Grebe: 6 birds on the main lake.

Water Rail: still present in rail ditch and nearby reed bed.

Fieldfare: 3 flew over the lake.

Siskin: 6 birds feeding in Alder, area 13.

Bushy Park

Skylark: 4 birds north of Upper Lodge Road.

Meadow Pipit: 12 birds north of Upper Lodge Road.

Redwing: 64 feeding at the western end of Lime Avenue.

Fieldfare: 8 birds with the Redwings.

Siskin: 30 by the Longford River in the Woodland Gardens.




As the light was quite good I spent a bit of time in Regent’s Pk after work. The Dabchicks are becoming very approachable (well some are), it is amazing how soon they have learnt to tolerate people.  











I am often asked who this little chap is.


birdman_euston said...

12 Mar:
1 Greylag Goose x Canada Goose hybrid landed in main lake with two Canada Geese a.m., 1♂ Teal roosting on NE shore of Bandstand Island area 7 p.m, 2 Siskin in Cricket Pen elm thicket a.31.
Most of the remaining Gadwall, Pochards and Mandarins appear to have left in the past fortnight but Tufted Duck numbers remain relatively stable at 200+. Still 400+ Black-headed Gulls around.
Speaking of Collection ducks, there's a lovely pair of Canvasbacks (my favourite diving duck) in the Longbridge Sanctuary.

Tony, I have some 'geek' news for you re the LBC wiki: individual posts are no longer being terminated with a period (see the discussion at the top of the wiki Local News listings for 8th March for the nerdy reason why). :)

piers said...

Hi Tony,

I think I noticed that duck ages ago, thought he must be a ruddy hybrid of some sort? I guess he escapes the cull? Has he been there many years?


birdman_euston said...

13 Mar:
1♂ Teal on Bandstand Is area 7, 1 Jackdaw flying leisurely NW and calling over Children's Boating Pond a.3 at 07:40, 1♂ Blackcap at entrance to The Holme a.10 09:55, 35 Waxwing E 06:30 over Primrose Hill making a beeline toward Hackney/Islington - presumably the N1 wintering flock, 1 1st-w ♂ Reed Bunting in Wetland Pen a.32 (found by Dave 08:00), 10+ Siskin a.32.
Also 6 Mandarin (4-5 ♂, 1-2 ♀) courting/nest-hole-hunting along Regent's Canal a.43; 80% of this species has deserted the main lake in the last fortnight but evidently they're not going far!

birdman_euston said...

13 Mar (addendum):
1♂ House Sparrow flew across Chester Road to top of yew from hedge near Wildlife Garden, area 20 at 11:55.

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Piers, not a hybrid but an Argentine Ruddy Duck.

Tony Duckett said...

That was the last area of the park the birds frequented. I looked at the wiki, just another load of bull.

piers said...

The only thing I knew about the Argentine Ruddy Duck is it's famous for its genitalia. Now I know what they look like as well.