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Sunday, March 24, 2013

24th March

Regent’s Park

On what has been a really miserable cold day I get a new garden bird. Not a UK rarity but a scarce bird in Central London. I have seen them fly overhead on occasions and there have been records of birds lingering just north of the park and last year a pair were present for several months in Queen Mary’s Gardens. The bird I am talking about is the Collared Dove a species that has bred in the park in 1978 and possibly for the following couple of years. However these could have been from birds that were brought to the park.




Eland said...

Hello Tony, there is at least one individual near me on the outskirts of bushy park. Didn't realise they were quite a rarity in London.

Not seen much out of the ordinary lately. A large goldfinch flock, Sparrowhawks in the usual place and a kestrel too along chestnut avenue. Haven't been out much in this weather though.

Eland said...

Oops I meant upper lodge road for the kestrel, not chestnut avenue.

Tony Duckett said...

I do not blame you for staying in, this weather isn't the best motivator. I see the odd Collared Dove around the edge of the park but have not sen one actually feeding in it. They really are scarce towards the centre of London.