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Sunday, March 03, 2013

3rd March


Regent’s Park

Yet again I believed the forecasters and was up early and out before 7.00am. I had hoped to see signs of the the sun breaking through but was greeted with overcast skies. I had a quick look around the hot spots and returned home for the second course of my breakfast while watching match of the day, followed by some household chores. While doing that I kept my eyes on the sky and what looked like clearer skies approaching from the south-east. I then returned to the park just after 9.00am, this time with my camera.

Great Crested Grebe: the pair were still by area 8 and another high flying bird headed east.

Little Grebe: 3 birds were present, a pair swam past the Bandstand Island and another was trilling from inside the Long Bridge Sanctuary.

Grey Heron: young can be heard in a nest on the Bandstand Island, area 7. There is also possibly 26 birds taking up territories.

Common Shelduck: 4 were around area 8.

Water Rail: showed well in the rail ditch at 7.10am.

Fieldfare: 10 birds flew north between 9.00am and 9.30am.

Redwing: 18 birds headed east over the Bandstand.

Blackcap: a pair in my garden by St Marks Bridge and another in the Wildlife Garden, area 20. 

Siskin: 12 bird in two groups in area 31 and 32.

Lesser Redpoll: 4 flew north.




Pair possibly thinking that this spot looks suitable to build their nest.









This pair were cruising the lake looking for trouble.


Black-headed Gulls are moulting into  their summer plumage.


These Coots behaved like spectators at a boxing match as two pairs fought nearby.


If you hadn’t identified the bird at the top of this entry it was a Sparrowhawk being mobbed by a Crow.

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