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Sunday, April 14, 2013

14th April

Regent’s Park

Sparrowhawk: 2 males and a female were soaring above area 8 at 9.30am.

Kestrel: Good news from Birdman-euston, the second pair have returned to Primrose Hill. As far as I am aware this pair failed to breed last year.

Woodcock: a bird was again flushed from area 40.

Common Sandpiper: yesterdays bird was still present and again feeding on the edge of the grass in area 9.

Grey Wagtail: a male flew south over the lake.

Pied Wagtail: a male also flew south over the lake 5 minutes before the Grey Wag.

Swallow: 8 singles flew north.

House Martin: 3 flew north.

Common Redstart: a male was just to the right of the bird feeders in area 41.

Blackcap: 3 birds present.

Willow Warbler: three birds singing in area 10.

Chiffchaff: at least 5 birds singing.


This goose immediately bathes after his long journey (anwere later).




With virtually no cover this bird was hard to get close too.


In blustery conditions landing on the tip of a Poplar wasn’t the easiest thing to do.




A Swallow flies past the Mosque.


In coming fish eater.



The nest in the Willow opposite the Bandstand has been rebuilt. If they do nest here, this site offers a great opportunity to look at life in a Herons nest a relatively close quarters.





It looks as if this drake has been scythed down by John Terry.




The long distance traveller was a Maned Goose, this species is found in Australia or a few waterfowl collections but not Regent’s Parks.




castlehaven said...

I'll try again...

2 Redstarts (1 male) Area 41, plus 1 male Whitethroat, 6-8 Willow Warbler.
2 Redstarts Area 31.

Eland said...

Hi Tony, ala very good find today, for me at least. What I think was a redstart, male. Found looking through to the paddocks where the odd swallow was wheeling about. Not overly familiar with this bird but had a white forehead, black under the beak and face, very strong orange front, looked like an orange blur when flying from the wooden railings down to the ground.

birdman_euston said...

4 Redstarts - well done! Has this total ever been matched in spring before, Tony?

15 Apr:
m Wheatear Primrose Hill slope a50 14:40

Tony Duckett said...

It does indeed sound like a male Common Redstart. I had to make do with a drab but still tidy female.