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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30th April

Regent’s Park

Lesser Whitethroat: one in the hedge on the western side of the Old Golf & Tennis School, area 39.

Garden Warbler: two birds present, one in the same area as the above.

Bushy Park

Common Buzzard: one in the Brew House area.

Cuckoo: one was calling from in the Woodland Garden at 7.30am.

Reed Warbler: two singing in the Brew House Fields.



This Mallard Duck was trying to avoid the attention of a couple of drakes.



These two photos show the difference in the underwing patterns of Stock Dove and Feral Pigeon.



A pair of Mandarins soak up the early morning sun by a ditch near Upper Lodge Road.


I had to visit Hyde Park this morning and being a few minutes early I popped down to the Serpentine.




birdman_euston said...

1 May:
2 migrant Swift feeding high over Wetland Pen 11:30, 1 Willow Warbler, 1 Whitethroat singing NE corner Leaf Yard Wood area 41, 1 Sedge Warbler (patch yr-1st, found by Dave) singing sporadically in lakeshore dogwoods just R of boathouse café a.5 at 07:45-08:30 (in addition, yesterday I briefly heard what sounded like one near the a.2 reedbed extension), 2 Grey Wagtail (♂ & ♀ seen separately feeding at lakeshore E of a.2 reedbed; also ♂ flew NW over boathouse yesterday).

Chris G said...

2nd May: 3 Reed Warblers (2 main lake, 1 Wetland Pen) ♂ Grey Wagtail area 9 lake shore, at least 8 singing Blackcap and doubtless there are at least double that total, 1 Swallow North over Heron Island 0715am: Chris Gooddie