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Thursday, April 04, 2013

4th April

Regent’s Park

Woodcock: one was flushed from inside area 32 and flew on to a nearby island.

Siskin: still a handful of birds moving between area 31 and 32.

Bushy Park

I didn’t really get out for long today, apart from checking on work on some overhanging trees by the Longford River near Pantile Bridge and a little further up stream. Not areas that I get to often but both had Chiffchaffs looking for insects close to the surface of the water. Other birds were in pretty much the same locations and keeping out of the wind.

Some news from yesterday courtesy of “Walton Birder”

Little Egret: probably due to the roar wind the bird is avoiding Roaring Arch and is sheltering in the Woodland Garden.

Waxwing: 18 were in the Canal Plantation at 3.00pm. These could be the flock, that even though I didn’t have time to get my bins on them flew past my office window at 1.30pm am convinced were Waxwings. Last week there was a flock just over the River in East Mosely.

I am off to see my sister in North Devon for a couple of days and cant make my mind up where to pop in on the way down. I had planned to go for some singing Cirl’s but that adds almost 2 hours to the journey. I will make my mind up once I reach the M5. If anyone has a bright idea before 10.30 (bedtime) please leave a comment.


glen said...

Take an extra pair of socks! Or sun cream.
Have a good trip.

morg and rose said...

Hi Tony. As a break on your 527journey what about Ham Wall RSPB reserve. Not far from jct 23 on the M5 you could park at Ashcott Corner car park. From the second viewing platform you've a good chance of the Pied-billed Grebe. Supporting acts here and at the adjacent Shapwick Heath reserve include Great White Egrets, Bittern, Sand Martins, Marsh Harriers, plenty of ducks and whatever else may drop in at this time of year. There is plenty of big sky and the paths are level and easily walked. Ideal for the older Birder.

morg and rose said...

Ignore the 527 I obviously can't type.

Tony Duckett said...

Thanks for the advice, I had thought about Ham. The only downside with that is the unfriendly Somerset birders.

birdman_euston said...

7 Apr:
3 Shelduck
1 Shoveler
2 (pr) Great Crested Grebe
- nesting off NE side Heron Is area 8
2 (pr) Kestrel
- nr Wetland Pen a.32 (having apparently reoccupied last year's breeding territory a few days ago; nice to finally have them back!)
2 Woodcock
- a.20 (circling 13:00) & a.40 (flushed NE 08:05)
10 migrating Common Gull
- in chevron formation high NE 06:25 (& 8 Common Gull + 65 Black-headed Gull still on lake)
2 Skylark
- lifer; larger than the 'little brown jobs' I was expecting when I first heard them 'chirrup'-ing away high NE in bright sunlight over Hill Lookout a.50 07:15
25 Redwing
- in subsong behind Hill Lookout at dawn (with Mistle Thrush lining nest in small oak nearby).

Only two Egyptian Goose goslings left on Holme Green a.9. Moorhens building nest in NW reedbed of Longbridge Is a.35.

Also a hedgehog (lifer) feeding on Goose Pen lawn a.33 nr woodpile beneath weeping willow 11:15.

Eland said...

Great little bushy park walk today:
Kestrel, chiffchaff (heard), chaffinch, snipe near iron bridge - you know where, nuthatch, 4 redwing feeding on ground near water gardens, mistle thrush, drumming g.s.w.

Add in a fox and vixen and it was a great hour and a half. First time in ages I saw no L.T.T's, until I got home and saw a group on the feeder.

Tony Duckett said...

The weather was ideal for a walk today. Mine in Devon was a bit nippy. I think the cold weather is making the birds almost forget about courting, the need for food is greater.