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Sunday, May 12, 2013

12th May

Regent’s Park

After  an absence of several years I conducted my first two Bird Walks in the park, one on Friday evening and another today. I was asked by the Marylebone Bird Society over a year ago if I would be able to lead them on a walk of the park. I said that I always like to keep the groups small so that everyone keeps together, meaning everyone has the chance to see something rather than turning up after the bird has bolted. To give more of the members a chance to come along I agreed to carryout these two walks. The cool weather over the last few days meant the Friday walk was a little quiet though things this morning were slightly better. I am just pleased that those that attended enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the park.

Most of the species listed below were seen on the walk.

Common Shelduck: 3 wild birds are still present.

Common Buzzard: one flew north at 10.50am. I had mentioned to those on the walk that it looked good for this species. The downside to this sighting was that it flew over my lodge after the walk.

Common Tern: pair again present.

Little Owl: one was seen on the walk.

Grey Wagtail: one was commuting back and forth to its nest site somewhere to the south of the park.

Pied Wagtail: a pair were collecting nesting material from area 9.

Swift: a handful were over the lake,  while small numbers were seen almost anywhere.

Swallow: one was over the lake.

Reed Warbler: a pair were in the Wetland Pen.

Chiffchaff: two were heard on the walk.

Spotted Flycatcher: having not seen yesterdays bird and then catching a glimpse of what I thought was a flycatcher on the walk I returned in the afternoon and saw one. It was again on the island in area 34, while a second bird was in area 14.












birdman_euston said...

14 May:
1 Swallow over lake with the local Swifts & House Martins and 1 Willow Warbler in full song in area 2 were the only obvious migrants. Ten newly-hatched Mandarin ducklings in 'Deadman's Corner' a.34 (being brooded rather than feeding, unfortunately, due to the cold and rain). The year's second brood of (seven) Egyptian Geese spotted west of Bandstand Island.

birdman_euston said...

15 May:
Garden Warbler sang briefly from hedgerow at SW end of wildlife pen, area 39 at 06:35.