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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

1st May

Regent’s Park

Hobby: one flew north at 7.07am.

Common Tern: two were over the lake for a few minutes before heading north at 6.20am.

Grey Wagtail: a pair were around the shores of the lake.

Swift: a couple flew over.

Sedge Warbler: one was singing in area 5 all day long.

Reed Warbler: 3 singing birds in areas 2, 5 and 32.

Common Whitethroat: one was singing in area 40.

Willow Warbler: one present.

Richmond Park

I had to help position a piece of equipment on the Beverly Brook that will hopefully record the sound of Brown Long-earded Bats if they use this water corridor. I didn’t have time to bird apart from a brief stopover by Pen Ponds.


The male was flying back and forth to PP Plantation to collect nesting material.





Eland said...

Hi Tony,

These collared doves that I see near the park appear to be fond of pecking at a metal pole with rust on it? Any idea why they might be doing that? I took a photo of the dove on the pole they pecking at on most days

glen said...

Swifts lovely will be scanning the skys.
Better to spot a hobby though.
Had a sparrow fleetingly on feeder!!

birdman_euston said...

2 May:
2 ad Great Black-backed Gull low E over St John's Lodge are 30 from direction of boating lake 0715 - patch tick. Their mantles were a slatier black than the near-jet-black ones I've seen in Canada so I immediately started second-guessing myself, but conveniently an immature Herring/LBB was following close behind, allowing confirmation by size, bill thickness and wingbeat frequency.

Otherwise, it was my quietest day this spring for visible migration - nary a Willow Warbler.

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Eland

The Arctic Redpoll that I saw last year liked nibbling on a rusty chainlink fence.