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Monday, May 27, 2013

27th May

Regent’s Park

Common Shelduck: the pair were swimming around Heron Island having lost all of their ducklings to the gulls.

Little Owl: I went looking for the pair on the eastern side of the park and was pleased to find they are nesting once again. They first bred in the park in 2007. It is possible that a second pair are breeding in another area and for their sake it is best that this is kept quiet.

Swallow: one zipped over my garden this afternoon.

Jackdaw: 2 flew north at 1.15pm.

Not the best clip ever, but I love being able to watch these birds at close quarters.


Not having been to watch these birds for 10 months I hoped that they were still present and that in time I could gain their confidence. Well he soon allowed me to get reasonably close, the female I think is on eggs or brooding young.







It looks as if he is puckering up in this shot.



It is the first time that I have seen a Heron regurgitate a pellet. I was busy taking Swift photos, so the settings on the camera were wrong.


morg and rose said...

Hi Tony,
I passed through the park today (Tuesday)12.15-12.45pm and saw 30-40 Swift,20+ House Martin and 6+Swallows hunting over the lake and surrounding areas. Also present were the now regular Common Terns and 2 Reed Warblers were singing in the reedbed ajoining the Boathouse cafe.

On a related issue I had heard that the Common Terns had been avoiding the Tern rafts at Brent Reservoir, I assume because of the Black-headed Gulls, and wondered whether this is why we are seeing the Common Terns so early this year. Are the Tern rafts at Richmond being used by the Common Terns? Lee Valley have held back some of their rafts this year in an attempt to get round the Black-headed Gull occupation problem - I hope it works out for them.

It is such a shame to think that Common Terns travel all that way from West and South Africa to breed here and then fail to do so because of a lack of a breeding site. Rose

Tony Duckett said...

I don't think that there is anything to worry about yet. It is true that BH Gulls have taken to using tern rafts. I didn't know that the gulls were being a problem at Brent Res. In the past couple of years the pair have been present until around 16th to 20th May.
The Common Terns in Richmond only took to the tern raft at the beginning of last week. I think that as with most birds this year the weather has held them back, hence Swallows still moving through. Cheers for now Tony

birdman_euston said...

31 May:
Male Grey Wagtail feeding juvenile on Holme Green lakeshore (area 9). Singing warblers: 3 Reed Warbler (a. 5/32/35), 15+ Blackcap (including three along Regent's Canal), 2 Chiffchaff (a. 1/18) but no Whitethroat(s) this morning at edge of Leaf Yard Wood (area 40).

Eland said...

Spent a little while in Dukes Head Passage today, what a peaceful place to spend some time on a Friday evening.

There were:
100 or so starlings feeding over in brewhouse fields, at one point all the small birds went nuts and headed for cover, alarm calls all over the place but I didn't see much and the crows were relaxed so probably a sprawk about.
2 lesser whitethroat
1 kestrel
1 kingfisher
1 house martin
2 swallow (I haven't seen many at all this year?)
20 or so swifts

Also great to see one of my favourite insects - 2 banded demoiselles, stunning creatures!

Eland said...

Hi Tony, I think I found a wood duck in woodland gardens, is that normal? I have photos.

Tony Duckett said...

There is a drake Wood Duck that comes ans goes. They are cracking little birds but possibly not as attractive as the Mandarin. I think those from across the pond may beg to differ. Were the Lesser Whitethroats on territory if so where abouts?

Eland said...

One pair in reeds near Snipe pond, visible from Iron Bridge. Possible pair in wild area to the left of Longford river if walking towards Waterhouse pound from dukes head passage gate, not sure about that one but confident about brewhouse field pair.

Michael G said...

Hi Tony - I have tried a few times now (unsuccessfully)to see the Little Owls in Regents Park. Are you able to tell me where they are please? All the best.