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Saturday, June 29, 2013

29th June

Regent’s Park

I didn’t have much time to bird the park today, so made do with checking both pairs of Kestrels and the Little Owls. The only positive news was that the owls to the east of the Broadwalk have at least 2 young hiding themselves away. The Kestrels in the Wetland Pen are also doing well as you will see in a minute.




As well as the birds in the picture, there was another juvenile just below the box. This meant that there were six birds sometimes seven if you include the adult female or male occupying the nest box at times.




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birdman_euston said...

29 Jun:
At 06:30, for the first time in weeks, I saw the pair of Shelducks that a month ago lost its young - the duck flew from the main lake to the Longbridge Sanctuary feeding station, while the drake waited outside checking his watch. :) After a similar period of absence for the species, a flighted if rather tame drake Gadwall was roosting in Hanover Bridge Sanctuary, area 1 at 07:10. The well-grown juvenile Great Crested Grebe was following a parent around Heron Island a.8. The male Common Whitethroat was bombing around his territory bordering Holford Field a.39/40, and a Reed Warbler was still singing sporadically in the Sanctuary reedbed nearest Longbridge a.35; no other Reed Warblers nor Chiffchaffs were heard. Several House Sparrows were chirping from hedges in the children's section of London Zoo, behind and to the left of the Animal Adventure Tipi.

(Thanks for the fledgling info, Tony - much better news than two days ago, to be sure!)