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Monday, July 15, 2013

15th July

Richmond Park

I didn’t have much time to bird as I was here for to be the eyes on the ground while a tree team removed Oak Processionary caterpillar nests from trees along Petersham Slopes. It was a really uncomfortable day with the sun taking no prisoners. How ever I called in at Pen Ponds before I met up with the removal team.

Common Tern: the young on the 2 rafts have yet to fledge.

Kingfisher: a male was trying to fish from a tree on the causeway but was flushed by a dog walker.

Swift: 30 over the lake.


This juvenile female Peregrine was over Home Park this morning.








“Say agh”


linda ashken said...

Saw a tree creeper on oak near Killcat Corner yesterday. Last year I saw one regularly on the Beverley Brook side of Killcat corner

Tony Duckett said...

I have been removing OPM nests along the Tamsin Trail between Ham Cross and Petersham Playground yesterday and Kingston Gate and Ham Cross today. In both areas I have heard and seen once a Tree Creeper.

birdman_euston said...

17 Jul:
Great Crested Grebe incubating 2nd clutch off Heron Island area 8, 2 Swift, 1 scruffy Chiffchaff in willow beside viewing platform a35, 1 Common Whitethroat still on territory (briefly dueting with what may have been a Blackcap imitating its song) in Old Golf Course wildlife pen a39.