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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

30th July

Richmond Park

I had a few minutes to kill before the team that I was supervising in removing Oak Processionary Moth caterpillar nests arrived so I popped down to Pen Ponds.

Great Crested Grebe: each adult was tending one very large chick each. I am not sure where the 3rd one was.

Common Tern: the last 2 chicks had fledged and were chasing the adults around Pen Ponds begging for food. There was no sign of the other juveniles, but they may have moved to a better location.

Common Sandpiper: one was on the northern shore while I was a long way off on the southern. I drove around to get slightly closer but could not relocate it.

Hobby: a pair dropped in to a dead tree.


The A316 looking over Chiswick Bridge towards Richmond at 5.40 am the other day. It really is the best time to travel in London.






Which way is it going






glen mcdonal Writer said...

Great to see the pair of hobbies.
I have loved the Booted/Buzzard conundrum....Personally, I think it's a Booted Eagle, just don't seem to sit right....And look at that bill!

Thank you Tony I have really enjoyed this, spent the evening in books and on line looking at birds, something I haven't done for a while, most enjoyable.

Eland said...

Hi Tony, been a while since I updated. Have been out and about but there has not been anything of note to report.
Swifts seem to have thinned out big time, just seen one or two these past few evenings. Little owls seem to have done well this year. After seeing a couple of kingfishers briefly in June they seemed to disappear, have you seen them?

Tony Duckett said...

Your luckier than me, even though I have been out in the parks I have been concentrating on locating caterpillar nests. This season is rapidly coming to an end and then I can spend a bit of time looking for birds. Before that though I will be off to the highlands.