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Thursday, August 29, 2013

29th August

I was tied up in Bushy Park with a large group of Goldman Sachs volunteers. They were here to cut down a large area of Rhododendron Ponticum in an area called the Broom Clumps. This is an enclosed area that is not open to the public and will benefit immensely from this work. For that reason I was unable to check on the recent hot spots, apart from a quick foray into the Brewhouse meadows/pools. It seemed fairly quiet apart from a handful of C.Whitethroats and Phyloscs.

It was also fairly quiet in Regent’s Park, though there were 3 Garden Warblers in the Cricket Pen.

I did manage to grab these shots before meeting the Volunteers


After missing out on the dragonfly he chose something a little larger.









Jack Barnes said...

Nice photos Tony! What time of day were those taken? And whereabouts did you take them? I was at Bushy Park today and I didn't really see the Hobbies until 17:00 when 5 of them put on an amazing show just outside the woodland gardens. I watched them hunting for a good 10 minutes until they went back into the woods. I followed your advice about standing in the open looking west over the woodland gardens. Did you see your Hobbies there in the morning? Because I didn't see them there until late.


Tony Duckett said...

Hi Jack. That is an area that once fledged the young are sometimes brought too. They do wander up into the brew house area on occasions as this is an area the adults sometimes go.