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Friday, August 30, 2013

30th August

Regent’s Park

Teal: one still present.

Shoveler: 15 present.

Green Sandpiper: one was seen flying from the direction of the Wetland Pen at 9.20am. This was the parks 5th record and unfortunately by the time the news was reported the bird was long gone.

Common Sandpiper: one was on Heron Island, area 8 late morning.

Common Snipe: one was flushed from the Wetland Pen, when the search was on for the long gone Green Sandpiper.

Yellow Wagtail: one flew SW at 1.20pm.

Kingfisher: There have been several sighting around the lake and even along the canal, so it hard to say how many birds are present at the moment. 

Common Whitethroat: 4 birds present.

Willow Warbler & Chiffchaff: not many present but Chiffchaffs outnumber Willows.

Spotted Fycatcher: one in area 39.

Bushy Park

Not much to report apart from what is shown below.


This female Kestrel showed very well near the weekend car park on Upper Lodge Road



The window of opportunity to capture photos of is very small as they are normally between me and the sun. These photos sort of show a food pass between the adult male and a juvenile. Their pursuit of the adult is pointless and they soon empty taloned.






Jack Barnes said...

Tony are you aware that you can brighten your photos so that they are no longer silhouettes? For example I took this photo of a Hobby yesterday which is just a silhouette. I then got home and brightened it up a bit and now it is extremely clear.

RS said...

Hello Mr Duckett;

I am Suhaimi from Malaysia and I'll be going to Cranford College for a course in the coming Mid September up to Mid November. I am more than a year into bird photography (with Nikon D7000 + AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/2.8G ED VRII & TC2.0EIII) and here in Malaysia we bird photographers have many bird watching friends too (as we share on facebook bird photography skills and photos while observing the guidelines as well as Code of Birding Ethics - COBE).

I am hoping to visit Regent's Park and photograph as many birds possible during the weekend/ free time. Autumn is probably not the best time but I hope there'll still be alot of birds around.

This site is very helpful and I am grateful than I've found it.

Thank you. And probablyif I am lucky I may get to se you around at the Regent's Park :)

Have a nice day. Happy birding.


Tony Duckett said...

Hello Suhaimi. I am glad my blog is useful to you. As with any kind of birding you never know what might turn up. Being in the middle of London the parks are limited in what turns up. If the weather is reasonable I am in the park most weekend mornings, normally just after sun up. So there is a chance we could meet.

RS said...

Hi there Mr Duckett;

Thanks a lot for replying and it's already very much helpful to me.

And yes, it is the way in birding and bird photography... frequently spotted birds in an area may not still be around when you go to photograph them the next day :)

I don't have a blog to share more about birds in Malaysia with you as I usually post them on my facebook, but if you are interested to have a look at Malaysia's rainforest birds I recommend you to visit the blogs of my seniors in bird photography: and

Have a nice day.