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Friday, September 20, 2013

20th September

Bushy Park

Little Grebe: one was on the Longford River.

Teal: 3 were on the scrape.

Common Buzzard: one bird was soaring over Hampton for at least 30 minutes, around mid day.

Sparrowhawk: 3 probable different birds were seen over the park from the same location.

Hobby: only 2 juvenile birds were seen in the air at one time. I say this because one was being given a hard time yesterday.

Kestrel: 2 birds were on the western side of the park.

Swallow: 30 were around Upper Lodge Road.

House Martin: 40 were over the ponds.

Skylark: one flew in from the north.

Meadow Pipit: 4 flew west.

Cetti’s Warbler: the bird was singing in a reed bed by one of the pools north of the scrape.

Common Whitethroat: one was by Dukes Head Passage.

Blackcap: 4 were in scrub north of the passage.

Chiffchaff: 4 were along the western boundary, 2 of which were singing.










Difference between Hobby and Kestrel



Above the difference between Sparrowhawk and Hobby at a great height. While these two were up in the clouds this one came in from another direction and was soon hassled by a Jackdaw.



1 comment:

Eland said...

Hi Tony,

A couple of hobby photos on my flickr from this evening.
I only saw 2 together at any one time today, still being hassled by the odd crow and sparrowhawk (there was a weird 3 was fight at one point).
Yesterday one of the hobby's was soaking wet after the rain and had the sparrowhawk after it.
Their behaviour is changing a bit now, they were not as vocal and stayed perched in trees away from the woodland garden.