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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

2nd October

Regent’s Park

Not much to report here or in Bushy Park today apart from;

Firecrest: a male with the tit flock by the entrance to Queen Mary’s at the top of Chester Road, area 17.

Isles of Scilly here I come

Another year has past and it is time to visit one of my favourite locations. In fact almost any island will suit me, they are such beautiful tranquil places. You also never know what you are going to see. Last years birds were exceptional.





         These are just a sample from 2013 


While I am away please post any birdy news in the comments box. I will be home on the  12th.


Eland said...

Enjoy that great island Tony.
House martins, grey wags passing through this eve. And amazingly one hobby made an appearance, thought they'd all gone.

glen mcdonal Writer said...

How jealous am l !!!?!!
Have a great trip and bag a mega.