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Thursday, October 31, 2013

31st October

A fairly quiet day, although I did go and see the White-rumped Sandpiper at Long Rock Beach this morning. I also took Sally on a morning walk from our cottage at Treen to Porthgwarra. My intention wasn’t to see the Hermit Thrush that had been seen at around 8.00am.


The above photo  was my first record shot of the Hermit Thrush.


Porthgwarra and the belt of trees on the right half of the picture where the Hermit Thrush is being seen. Well that was until some impatient birders decided that they couldn’t wait for it to show so went in search of it. This caused the bird to move and was subsequently not seen for almost 5 hours, frustrating lots of birders who had travelled down.


Ideally everyone should stand on the roadside verge looking in. Not like those in the picture below and enter the wood on the car park side. This is the area the bird likes to feed in, and by entering cause it to move higher up the valley and out of sight.


The bird only returned when an organised flush moved the bird back to its favoured area.


White-rumped Sandpiper a sleep on the beach. Unfortunately a jogger coming the other way flushed the group and caused them to move further away. Good scope views were had but the light was to dull for photography. The plover on the left was also interesting. It jizz and colour was different to the other Ringed Plovers, in flight it was also different. It didn’t associate to closely with the other plovers.




Mediterranean Gull on Sennen Beach




There were no sea birds at Pendeen but a school of Dolphins performed quite well but distantly in poor light.



Not quite large enough to shelter under.

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