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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

3rd December

Life in Regent’s Park and Bushy Park are relatively quiet at the moment. Habitat work is just about to start on Heron Island, area 8. A reed bed will be constructed on the NW side and tree and a small amount of ground will take place. Gulls are not everyone's favourite but work will undertaken to provide better breeding opportunities.

Regent’s Park

Lapwing: 3 birds eventually flew NE at 8.05am. They had been in the air above the park for sometime possibly hoping to land. The actions of a female Peregrine caused them to finally move off, they valued their lives to much.

Bushy Park

Common Teal: 3 birds on the scrape.

Water Rail: one on the scrape.

Redwing: 15 along the rivers western boundaries.

Chiffchaff: one calling from inside the Woodland Gardens.



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