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Sunday, January 19, 2014

19th January

Regent’s Park

Almost the same as last weekend, maybe a few more Redwings, Goldcrests singing in a couple of locations, the Tawny Owl was still on show. Kestrels and a Sparrowhawk were in the Wetland Pen.











Getting up and close to Herons is really easy in the parks. What does annoy me and does the Herons no favours is people who believe that it is okay to feed them. I can just about understand why those who do not really understand bird and animal behaviour. However those who do it to get up close and personal just to get a great photo opportunity should stop it. Herons do not normally nest where there main food supply is but where it is safest for them. The parks Heronry is the same naturally the birds would look else where for food i.e the Thames, Brent Reservoir, goldfish ponds etc. Feeding them in the park makes them lazy and as the food the are mostly given doesn’t consist much of their normal  diet I suggest that it shouldn’t be done. It is not as if it is cold and the waterbodies are frozen over.  The wrong diet causes bone and joint problems and is possible why so many Coots (common in the parks) have problems walking.

The site below is not one that is often witnessed in the countryside and is only brought about by the birds squabbling over food.



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