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Thursday, January 23, 2014

23rd January

Bushy Park

Fieldfare: two small flocks were in the park today, 12 near Hampton Hill Cricket Club and 18 by Hawthorn Cottage.

Redwing: birds were feeding on the ground in several of the plantations.

Chiffchaff: one by the river near River Lodge.

Siskin: 18 were in the Woodland Gardens.

Regent’s Park

I called in on the way home for few minutes. Trouble with that time of day, even though the sun was out it was to low in the sky. This meant that the nearby terrace was casting a shadow over much of the water by the Bandstand Island.







Even though it’s not as big a Canada Goose this male took on a pair that came to close to it’s nest.







James Harden said...

Hi Tony

James here! Long time no hear - hope all is well with you..

You've been getting some nice pics of the Tawny Owl at Longbridge. Which tree is perching in? I had a quick look in my lunch hour, but had no luck.


Tony Duckett said...

Hi James, it is nice to here from you. I hope you are not still jogging around the park, it's much to strenuous. The owl is in the willow nearest the bridge in the Longbridge Sanctuary. He doesn't always show especially if it is SW wind. I am hopefully going to be taking up the post of Conservation Officer for TRP.

James Harden said...

Thanks, Tony - that's helpful. I'll take another look on one of those days when I'm not running around the lake scaring the ducks!

Good news about the job - fingers crossed that it all works out.

James Harden said...

Just to say that I met the owl today!

He really does roost in a surprisingly prominent position, though the bright sunshine seemed to be playing havoc with his sleep patterns!

Thanks for your help.