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Monday, January 06, 2014

6th January

Bushy Park

Yet more rain, with a large area of the Brew House Meadows now underwater. There were large numbers of mainly Black-headed Gulls, Starlings, Jackdaws and around 30 Canada Geese. There were more ducks present than last week, however I wasn’t able to go through them as I was showing a tree surgeon the trees that had come down. All I saw were  small flocks wheeling around above the meadows. I returned later in the morning and apart from a few Mallards and 14 Mandarin there was nothing out of the ordinary.



A section of the Brew House Meadow.


At least 30 Redwings were feeding on the ground in the meadow area.




The Red crested Pochards looked stunning when the skies did clear around 10.30am.


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