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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

15th April

Regent’s Park

Hobby: a reasonably early bird headed north at 12.20pm.

Wader sp: a very high fast flying mid sized wader headed north. It was one of those back end jobs where there was no visible ID features, though first instincts which are often correct leant towards Greenshank.

Swallow: 3 flew through.

House Martin: 4 were over the lake this afternoon.

Sand Martin: 1 flew through.

Yellow Wagtail: 1 headed north this morning.

Grey Wagtail: a pair were on the shore of Heron Island.

Willow Warbler: 3 were in area 41 this afternoon.

Bushy Park

I didn’t have much time to see what was in the park this morning as I had a meeting to attend in Richmond Park. Brief list follows all of these were on the western side of the Longford River.

Lapwing: 2 flew west over the Brew House Meadow.

Swallow: 2 pairs were over the Stock Yard stables.

Sand Martin: one briefly joined the Swallows over the yard.

Willow warbler: one was close to Dukes Head Passage.

Reed Bunting: a pair were by the Brew House pools.

Richmond Park

Common Buzzard: one headed NE at 1.10pm.

Grey Heron: the oldest chick are now exploring the shore line, but run the risk of being attacked by the other adult pair.


pair of Swallows over the Stockyard in Bushy Park





Joe Beale said...

One problem in urban sites, with things like the high-flying wader, is that background noise from traffic, planes, helicopters, dogs etc blocks out those faint calls which would clinch an ID. That's if it called, of course!

glen mcdonal Writer said...

A single swallow doesn't make a summer but l count 3 there.
The magic of mirgration.
Great swallow pics.

Tony Duckett said...

The best time see and possibly hear them is prior to 7.00am. I have had several goodies before that time including 6 Whimbrel that were on the ground.