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Saturday, April 19, 2014

19th April

Regent’s Park

I was unable to spend much time in the park this morning as a shopping trip to Oxford Street was in the diary. I checked the two main areas that attract migrants without a sniff of a bird, apart from singing and tacking Blackcaps.

The Kestrel as ever was a pleasant distraction.








This female Mandarin were nest prospecting nearby


Eland said...

Hi Tony,

Summary of latest sightings:
4 Little Egret flying east over Brewhouse fields.

3-4 swallows in paddock fields.

Kingfishers present along longford.

Chiffchaff and black cap present throughout woodland garden/dukes passage.

Tawny Owl Present

Sparrowhawk pair look all systems go.

Kestrels showed really well through winter then disappeared a month or two ago - no sign of them since.

Pair of buzzards have been present.

Red Kite has been spotted on odd occasion.

Haven't seen a lot of migration activity overall. Looking forward to the rest of the summer visitors.

Tony Duckett said...

Thanks for this, it is pretty much the same list of birds that I have seen although I haven't seen any Egrets or Kites. The gamekeeper had 2 Red Kites together the other weekend. I hope we get some interesting birds soon.