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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

28th May

I popped down to see my sister in Barnstable in North Devon for a long weekend. I didn’t have time for much birding but when we were out and about it was almost as quiet as the parks.

The only birds I have seen were in Regent’s Park this afternoon and they have been present for sometime.


When I pulled up by the gate to the Wetland Pen, area 32 the male was just on the other side and ignored me while looking for food. I do not think they have any young to feed just yet but it wont be long.




The pair of Common Terns are still present, which is unusual she is normally on eggs at Brent Reservoir.


Having seen his siblings picked off one by one this better keep closer to his parents otherwise he will be joining them. He is still not yet big enough to be off the menu.


Valley of the Stones just west of Lynmouth was as beautiful valley made even better when a Peregrine soared above the car park.


Looking north across the Bristol Channel, with Wales in the distance. Below is a valley that leads down to Woody Bay.




This Little Egret was feeding close to the Sedge Warbler.

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